The ability to respond in near real time is a major differentiator, and one that allows agile organizations like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify to outperform their competitors, even when they aren’t first to market. Andrea shows organizations how to achieve similar results by building better teams and processes.

Key challenges Andrea’s keynotes address:

  • Handling uncertainty about the future
  • Embracing change
  • Coping with market competition
  • Keeping pace with emerging innovations
  • Reducing waste throughout the customer journey

FANTASTIC presentation…I’m pretty sure you have a camera in my office because the
challenges presented are exactly what we face every day.

Out of all of the speakers, your presentation resonated with me. I feel like you are what our team needs or at least we need to learn what you are rallying behind. I’m glad I had the chance to see your presentation and see you speak. I’m a fan now.

Andrea did a good job of keeping the right pace, and allowing for questions. She was approachable, friendly, informative, and her welcoming demeanor made learning fun and easy.

Upcoming Events

Aprimo Sync!
Aprimo Sync!

June 3, 2020 – ONLINE!

MarTechFest Dial Up
MarTechFest Dial Up

May 26-29 – ONLINE

Agile and Scrum Online Conference
Agile and Scrum Online Conference

June 4 – Dec 31 – ONLINE

What to Expect

Reference the list below or download Andrea’s Speaking Guide to get an idea of what to expect when she joins you onsite:

Andrea Provides
  • MacBook Pro with her complete presentation in Google Slides or PowerPoint
  • VGA, DVI, and HDMI dongles
  • A MacBook-compatible clicker to advance slides
  • The option to customize her presentation for your particular audience demographics
  • Ongoing partnership with your event to drive excitement and attendance
You Provide
  • A wireless, lavalier microphone
  • AC power for a laptop
  • A projector with VGA, DVI, or HDMI input
  • A speaker system that includes a mini plug for audio output from the laptop
  • A confidence monitor
  • Details about your audience to allow for customized content
Your Audience Gets
  • Insights into cheaper, more effective customer acquisition and retention processes
  • Tactical ideas for streamlining inter-departmental communication to keep everyone aligned on major organizational objectives
  • Tools for balancing short-term agility with long-term stability, even in the face of uncertainty


Check out Andrea’s speaking style with the following video examples.


Check out Andrea’s Podcasts.

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