A content marketer at heart, there’s nothing Andrea loves more than helping her fellow marketers through the written word. Books, blogs, tweets — she’s nothing if not prolific.

In addition to co-authoring the ICAgile curriculum for Certified Professionals in Agile Marketing (the world’s first internationally recognized Agile marketing certification), Andrea is the author of two critically-acclaimed books on marketing agility. Her first, Death of a Marketer, takes a look back through marketing’s past. Using in-depth research and over a decade of marketing experience, she points out the flaws in marketers’ current perspectives while looking for a better, more Agile way forward.

Coming in June 2020 Andrea’s latest work, Mastering Marketing Agility, will pick up where Death of a Marketer left off. Distilling her five years of hands-on experience working with Agile marketers, Andrea reveals the principles, practices, and processes needed to finally master marketing agility.

Learn more (and grab your copies) below.

Death of a Marketer

Founded on in-depth research and real-world examples, Death of a Marketer charts a course toward marketing’s Agile future. It’s a must-read for all modern marketing professionals.

It covers:

  • Marketing’s cyclical history, from flowery persuasion to the no-nonsense hard sell and back again.
  • A detailed walkthrough of four Agile methodologies that can help marketers thrive in their uncertain environments.
  • Compelling reasons that enterprise organizations and one-person teams alike should be racing to adopt an Agile marketing approach.

Mastering Marketing Agility

In this book, Fryrear defines what it means to build out marketing operations within an organization, that can pivot freely and yet remain committed to priorities. Agile has been the accepted modus operandi for software development for two decades, and marketing is poised to follow in its footsteps.

As the profession and the audiences marketed to become ever more digital, Agile frameworks will continually emerge as the best/only way to manage marketing. Agile is now used by 97% of software developers (according to 2018 data), and Fryrear believes marketers will mirror these levels in the coming years. This book will be a sign post showing the way towards the future of marketing operations.

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Andrea’s contribution to both the marketing agility and broader business communities cannot be overstated. She has materially changed the path of many organizations by improving what they sell and how they sell it. As a combination of her research and experiences, this book is a must read for any marketer setting out on an agile marketing journey.

Andrea’s work in this book is a brilliant an evolved operational framework for marketing based on deep experience and data. Organizations who follow her recommendations and convert the people, processes, and technology needed for agility will reap huge benefits.

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