Andrea Fryrear is the co-founder of AgileSherpas and a leading authority on optimizing customer acquisition and retention processes. She’s the author of two books on organizational agility, and an international speaker and trainer. In addition to working in the trenches with dozens of the world’s most innovative companies, Andrea has spent years achieving numerous certifications in how to improve all aspects of organizational performance. When not on a plane or at a keyboard, she can be found in the mountains of her adopted home in Boulder, Colorado.

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FANTASTIC presentation…I’m pretty sure you have a camera in my office because the
challenges presented are exactly what we face every day.

Out of all of the speakers, your presentation resonated with me. I feel like you are what our team needs or at least we need to learn what you are rallying behind. I’m glad I had the chance to see your presentation and see you speak. I’m a fan now.

Andrea did a good job of keeping the right pace, and allowing for questions. She was approachable, friendly, informative, and her welcoming demeanor made learning fun and easy.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the learning curriculum you put together for our marketing organization. The individual workshops provided our broad team with the insight and practical learning needed to embrace Agile fundamentals.

Our business offers an array of products to a global market and with that comes different complexities. Andrea provided an environment to facilitate lots of ‘a-ha’ moments, and one in which everyone’s opinions and questions could be heard! We now go forth with a clear purpose, concrete actions and ideas for practical application as well as a newly invigorated morale across our team.

The way the workshop was set up, with presentations where Andrea was able to share her experiences, exercises that really demonstrated the various principles, and participants sharing their experience, made for a really engaging and informative experience.

Andrea’s contribution to both the marketing agility and broader business communities cannot be overstated. She has materially changed the path of many organizations by improving what they sell and how they sell it. As a combination of her research and experiences, this book is a must read for any marketer setting out on an agile marketing journey.

Andrea’s work in this book is a brilliant an evolved operational framework for marketing based on deep experience and data. Organizations who follow her recommendations and convert the people, processes, and technology needed for agility will reap huge benefits.